(Place Of Origin:Hubei China (mainland) Brand Name:Daquan )
  • sound insulation and cost efficient 2013 new building materials fiber cement board
  • Price:USD 28.00
  • Min. Order :300 Square Meter
  • Region:China
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Product Detail
Quick Details
  • Place Of Origin:Hubei China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Daquan
  • Model Number:Fpb1500-3000
  • Panel Material:Nonmetal
  • Type:Eps Sandwich Panels
  • Face Panel:Cement Board
  • Core:Cement And Eps
  • Fireproof:Fireproof 4 Hours
  • Energy Saving:96%energy Saving Panels
  • Fast Installation:300%fast Installation
  • Saving Cost:39%labour Cost
  • Anti Seismaic:8 Degree Earthproof
  • Lighter:10 Times Lighter Than Conventional
  • Strong:4 Times Stronger
  • Heat Transfer:Lower Than 0.45b/w/m2.k
1. Light Weight
2. Sound Insulation
3. Heat Insulation and Preservation
4. Fire,Water Proof
5. easy and fast installation

 Wuhan Daquan Energy Saving Board Co.,Ltd


PRODUCT NAME: sound insulation and cost efficient 2013 new building materials fiber cement board

1.Energy Saving, Excellent Performance 

Heat Preservation 

Major material for wall panel is anti freezing,heat preserving and environmental friendly.

Heat Insulation 

Adjust the indoor temperature at a constant range.

Fire Proof 

Both face sides with 4.5mm calcium-silicon fire proof boar,thus DQ EPS and Cement panel can be against a high temperature of 1000°C for 4 hours.

Water Proof 

Tests has proved that water containers can be made by DQ EPS and Cement panel without absoring functions and no eakage at all.

Sound Insulation 

The inside of DQ wall panel material(EPS polystyrene grain)has fine sound insulation and sound-absorbing functions.

2.Easy Construction Process 

Easy to Install 

Using our installation material(PU Foam and Cement Adhesive)is easy to build house.

Shorter Time

For a 50sq. house,using DQ EPS and Cement sandwich wall panel,three peole can finish it within ONE day,while using traditional block,it will take at least SEVEN days with ONE WEEK to finish.

3.High Security performance 

High Intension 

DQ EPS and Cement sandwich wall panel can be nailed directly or have expansion bolt to lift and hang heavies,it can be covered by ceramic tile,wall paper,wood panel,coating etc.

Earthquake Resistance 

The Seismic performance of DQ EPS and Cement sandwich wall panel is at a magnitude of 8.5.

4.Space and Cost Saving 

Space Saving 

DQ EPS and Cement sandwich wall panel with the thickness of 60mm~180mm,as athin and solid new type construction material,it will save lot of construction space compared with the traditional block.

Labor Cost Saving 

As DQ wall panel is easy and fast to construct.

Foundation Cost Saving 

As the weught of DQ wall panel is only 1/12 of traditional block,it will save 2/3 cost on construction structure.





Nonloadbearing wall, assembly houses, villas, public buildings, commercial buildings, residential houses, firewall, fire-rated warehouse, cold storage, etc.

This panel can work as substitute of traditional construction materials such as brick, hollow brick etc. 


(1) Floor system

(2) Roof system

(3) Interior & Exterior wall system

(4) Villa Wall system


Production lines






TESING Samples






 1.  Q: Since when your company started producing this producer? What's the annual output now?


        A: Since 2005 we got a sample from Australia, our boss made research into it, tried severaltimes and then start the stable production. The annual output is about 500, 000sqm per year.




2.  Q: What are the advantages of your panel?


        A: Our panel's outstanding advantage are light weight, heat insulation/ per, waterproof, fireproof,sound insulation, fast construction and so on.




3.  Q: Is the panel fire rated, if so, what is the rating?


       A: Theoretically, it can endure the fire for 4 hors in the heat of 1000c. But in fact, it is incombustible.




4.  Q: Do you have any certificate to help us get government's approval?

       A: We can supply our ISO certificate, test report, SGS certificate as your support document. Since thebuilding standards are different in various countries, most of our customers buy the panels for test and  get approval by themselves.




 5.  Q: I need samples for customer approval, will this be possible?


      A: We can provide sample at your required size, but we will not afford the cost of the mail, because we always receive requirements for delivery of the panel sample, therefore, we just can offeryou the free sample without paying the delivery cost. Besides, we suggest you to buy a smallcontainer with various sizes, the whole panel is more effective and persuasive for test thansmall samples.


  If you have any more questions, please feel free to let us know, we will send you more details  





We have rich experience in many kinds of project all over the world, if you got a project, or have interest in EPS sandwich wall panel, please contact with us, we will provide a excellent solution with splendid ideal.




International Dept.


Wuhan Daquan Energy Saving Board Co.,Ltd. 

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